Frequently Asked Questions About Fogbert
Last updated October 8, 2003

1. You're not really naming the baby Fogbert are you?
Probably not. Fogbert is just a "beta" or working name, kind of like how Microsoft is currently calling its upcoming operating system "Longhorn." Ooh. Wouldn't that make a good name?

2. Do you know if Fogbert is going to be a boy or a girl? The name "Fogbert" seems to imply that it will be a boy.
We chose "Fogbert" because we figure it would work either for a boy or a girl. Fogbert is keeping his sex close to his/her chest right now. But we should know in a couple weeks.

3. I can't see a baby in that picture. Are you sure there's really a bun in the oven?
This has nothing to do with buns or ovens, thank you very much. If you are having trouble seeing Fogbert, squint your eyes really tight. Or simply click here.

4. I think I see Fogbert. Why does Foggie look like an alien?
Go look again. And keep in mind that this is your grandchild, niece/nephew, distant relative, friends' offspring, absolutely no relation to you.

5. Ok, I've looked again and Fogbert still looks like E.T. What's up with that?
The sonogram is not exactly a high resolution camera. It uses soundwaves to penetrate the skin, organs, amniotic fluid, etc. to find the baby. By the time the